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Replacement of missing teeth

Dental prostheses are structures that replace missing teeth.

They are designed and manufactured exclusively for each patient in order to recover the function, morphology, and aesthetics.

Tooth loss causes major problems that not only affect chewing, but also the development of spaces (diastema) between teeth, which can cause the teeth to tilt and the antagonist offhook (if higher) or tend to grow (if lower), making the space of the missing tooth is filled.

If you are missing one or more teeth ask for your first free medical visit online without compromise. You can also call us at 93 408 51 97 (Nou Barris) or 93 315 85 57 (Sants).

Dental Prosthesis types

There are several types of dental prosthesis:

Removable dental prosthesis

Those that the patient can remove. Generally, they are made from acrylic material and have an internal metal structure.

Fixed dental prosthesis

Prosthesis fixedly joined to another tooth (which is carved) They can be used for a tooth or several

Dental prostheses over implants, which by using implants can recover the loss of one or more teeth with implants that settle on them or in the case of a total loss of teeth, help hold the new teeth with a subject safe.

If you want more information about dental prostheses ask for your first free medical visit online without compromise You can also call us at 93 408 51 97 (Nou Barris) or 93 315 85 57 (Sants)

Dr. Lluís Albert Corman

Specialist in Oral Rehabilitation and Comprehensive Dentistry

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