Fixed dental prostheses

Choose a permanent solution

Perfect for broken or missing teeth

Dental pieces as new

They guarantee stability and functionality

Higher reliability and comfort

Regain dental aesthetics

Get back the aesthetic beauty of your smile

Recover function and natural beauty of your teeth

Fixed Dental prostheses, or colloquially called “covers”, are prostheses fixedly joined to another tooth that is carved. They can be made for a single tooth (crown) or multiple teeth (bridge).

Unapologetic smile thanks to dental prostheses

There are several materials for fixed dental prosthesis, the most used are ceramic and metal ceramic on zirconium or aluminum.

Advantages of fixed dental prostheses

Perfect to restore function and aesthetics

Both one or more natural teeth destroyed by caries, trauma, or bruxism.

Corrects deviations and imperfections

Anatomy, structure or coloration of the teeth.

Aesthetic and resistant

Fixed prostheses are coated entirely by porcelain, although to give it strength the core is metal.

In which cases fixed dental prostheses are recommended?

This treatment is indicated for patients with the following dental diseases:


Broken teeth that need to be repaired


To replace missing teeth.


Strengthening a tooth that has been weakened or broken.


To strengthen teeth with very large composite restorations.


To provide stability and functionality to the bite.


Aesthetically, you can fix permanent stains.

If you are in any of these situations ask for your first free medical visit for a review of the teeth and to detect if it is necessary to place a fixed prosthesis to restore function and dental aesthetics.

Placement procedure of fixed dental prostheses

The placement of fixed prosthodontics involves a series of steps to be performed in the clinic

1. Carving the tooth to make room for the crown, taking measurements and placement of a temporary prosthesis

2. One week after a test of the metal core or the zirconium or aluminum oxide core is performed and 7 days later the color is tested (in the case of metal ceramic)

3. After one 1 week prosthesis is cemented and occlusion is adjusted.

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Specialist in family dentistry and Nobel Biocare dental implants

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