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Gingivitis and periodontitis,
most common affections.

Periodontology is a dental specialty which studies prevention, diagnose and treatment of the diseases which affect the support teeth tissues: gum, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament, etc.

There are different affections related to periodontology but the two more common are gingivitis and periodontitis. Each one will affect in different ways and its treatment will also be different.

What cause gum diseases?

Associated with inheritance

Therefore it is common to hear the comment that “my parent also fell off the teeth being good.”

Hygienic habits

Are a greater importance factor, because it contributes to bacteria attacking gums.


Is one of the factors influencing more negatively because it causes stains on teeth, allowing bacteria to accommodate.

Also, tobacco decrease saliva and, for that matter, defenses on it, changing our mouth temperature and unbalancing the environment.

Nowadays your gum’s health is important because latest studies on periodontology show an important correlation between gum diseases and global health problems such as heart diseases.

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Gingivitis, inflammation and bleeding of gums.

Gingivitis is produced when plaque bacteria is accumulated in teeth, making inflammation and bleeding of gums.


On gingivitis there is no affectation of the bone which holds the tooth, is a reversible disease of the gums. Between predisposing factors for gingivitis:


Poor mouth hygiene.


Pregnancy and hormonal changes.


Uncontrolled diabetes.


Poorly aligned teeth.


Medication: phenytoin, birth control pills or bismuth.

How is gingivitis treated?

Treatment of gingivitis consists on eliminating plaque bacteria and then, bleeding and inflammation of gums.

Treatment will consist in realizing dental hygiene.Also, the patient will be taught to correctly brush its teeth and how to use dental floss. If necessary, it will be recommended some specific mouthwash or a control after a while.

Periodontitis, is the most common cause for tooth loss.

Periodontics, also known as pyorrhoea , happens when plaque affects to the gym, periodontal ligament and bone.

If gingivitis evolves and with time the patient ends up with periodontal bags filled with plaque. This produces a gum inflammation that causes the bone reabsortion that supports teeth.


The underlying factors are the same than in gingivitis.

Periodontitis is the most common cause for tooth loss in adults. Frequent symptoms:


Gum inflammation.


Gum bleeding.


Bad breath.


Dental mobility.


Dental separation.


Long teeth or gum recession.

How do you treat periodontitis?

The main objective of periodontic treatment will be eliminating plaque and therefore reduce periodontal bags and dental mobility. According to the disease’s evolution, there are several treatments for periodontitis:


Curettage and root scaling and planning

It will consist of eliminating the subgingival plaque, remove the bacteria and obtain a smooth root surface. Local anaesthesia. This treatment is not a final treatment and it must be periodically repear accordind to your periodontist.


Periodontal surgery

Aims for the elimination of bacteria from deep periodontal bags and as well, to correct anatomic flaws caused by periodontitis.


Restorative surgery

It allows recovering the damaged bone through adding fillins material that helps to bone growth.


Periodontal dental aesthetic surgery

Helps to maintain a natural looking smile and normalise these flaws caused by periodontitis or others.

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