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Dental sedation is a recommended method for adults and children that feel anxious or scared of the dentist visit when dental surgery treatments are required. Furthermore, it is indicated for complex surgeries, medically compromised patients or those looking for a quick an easy dental care.
To apply sedation during a medical procedure, It is combined a edative and an anaesthetic that is used to control pain.
Conscious sedation allows to get back to normal quickly after surgery.

Advantages of conscious sedation

Patients who are afraid of the dentist visit or surgery will feel better thanks to conscious sedation.

The patient will be relaxed during the dental treatment.

Quick recovery.

Cooperation during surgery.

Sedation dentistry is also for kids.

Dental sedation consists of…

1. Dental sedation is practised by an anaesthetist. Medicine can be intravenous or intramuscular.

2. Once medicine is administered the patient will start feeling sleepy and relaxed. The anaesthetist will remain close to the patient all the time.

3. The patient could even fall asleep but will wake up easily. After conscious sedation , could still feel sleepy and may experience memory loss being impossible to remember the whole procedure.

Dental sedation in children

Sedation technology will solve anxiety and phobia problems related and helps in cases as:


Autism or down’s syndrome.


Hyperactive children.


Young children and kids with ‘bottle caries’ or cavities.

At Dentisalut dental clinic Barcelona we make proud of working for our patients maximum comfort, specially children.

Dental sedation in children can be intravenous or inhaled. It is effective in less than 60 seconds and the child will be asleep up to three hours. This time will guarantee every dental treatments to be successful, from surgery to endodoncy in just one single session.

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