Teeth whitening

Recovers white in your teeth

Recovers the original color of your teeth

Get that white you desire so much

Increases your self-esteem and confidence

Lose the fear and smile again

Simple and completely painless techniques

You won’t feel any pain during the treatment

What is tooth whitening?

Teeth whitening is to reduce tooth shades to make it look lighter.

To achieve this result we have 2 techniques: outpatient and clinic.

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Teeth whitening techniques

Ambulatory technique


At the clinic impressions of the two arches of the patient are taken and a splint is constructed.


At home, at night, the patient inserts the gel in the splint and places it in his mouth for eight hours. When the patient wakes up he should brush his teeth with a paste containing the same bleaching agent and flush out the splint with plenty of water.


The duration of treatment is usually about 14 days, but depends on the sensitivity of the patient's teeth to treatment.

There are different treatments to improve dental aesthetics:

Dental veneers

The perfect solution dental aesthetics for those seeking to improve the appearance of their smile

Dental crowns

Ideal for covering or strengthening teeth that are badly damaged or need to be reinforced.

Clinical technique


Also called express teeth whitening. It is performed at the clinic and the treatment duration is usually about an hour.


First the teeth are cleaned and dried. Soft tissue retractors are used, and a barrier is placed on the gingival line so that the product does not touch the gum.


The gel is placed and activated by halogen light or LED lamp. It is left about 30-60 minutes, if needed, is renewed.


After the whitening, teeth is washed and fluoride is applied so that there is less sensitivity.

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Specialized in Oral Surgery and Dental Rehabilitation

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